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Tax law

The tax department advises businesses and private individuals on tax related issues and also takes or defends proceedings before the relevant courts and tribunals.

tax advice

Corporate taxation

National taxation issues

  • Assessment of tax results for companies liable to corporate tax​
  • Tax management of groups and tax integration mechanisms
  • Provision of assistance and drafting of tax returns (tax on industrial and commercial profits, non-commercial profit, corporate tax, VAT and CET)​
  • Tax audits during acquisition, sale and restructuring operations​
  • Tax related aspects of corporate acquisition, sale and restructuring operations ​
  • Tax avoidance strategies and design of conceptual schemas ​
  • Preparation and follow-up of requests for approval and tax exemption procedures
  • Management of tax credits for research and intangible assets
  • Management of intellectual property related flows 

International taxation issues

  • Organization of intra and extra-community tax flow
  • Organisation of international revenue flow
  • Ascertainment and follow up of transfer pricing policies


Taxation of private individuals

  • Income tax returns and wealth tax returns
  • Tax avoidance on the private estate of company directors ​
  • Transfer of private or professional estate in a national or international framework


Tax litigation issues (corporate and private)

  • Representation of clients’ interests during tax controls and actions before the various tribunals
  • Representation of clients’ interests before the departmental commission for direct taxes and tax on turnover and before the departmental conciliation commission​
  • Follow up and representation of clients’ interests during litigation proceedings before administrative tribunals and the relevant courts