Labour and employment law
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Labour and employment law

The labor and employment law department caters to businesses of all sizes, providing legal advice and taking or defending proceedings before the various courts and tribunals.

legal advice

Labor law strategy

  • Assistance during individual and collective negotiations within the company​
  • Drafting and implementation of wage policies, gain sharing and profit sharing schemes and company savings schemes​
  • Labor law-related issues in the area of company reorganization and restructuring
  • Social audits, compliance audits and due diligence audits in the frame of an acquisition

Personnel management

  • Monitoring of labor relations​
  • Drafting of all deeds relative to employee relations or relevant to the employer’s disciplinary power
  • Employer’s obligations in the area of health and safety and health on the work place​
  • Drafting and implementation of compulsory labor policies (relative to equal opportunity, elderly employees, the disabled, young employees,…)

Labour relations within the company

  • Implementation and running of representative staff bodies, ​
  • Devising and managing labor relations and discussions, Compulsory annual Negotiation and the implementation or overhaul of collective agreements…
  • Collective disputes,
  • Collective redundancy plans and employment rescue schemes

Adjustable working time

  • Auditing of tools for adjustable working time arrangements
  • Tools for adjustable working time arrangements
  • Devising and implementing collective agreements on working time

Social insurance – AD&D – Retirement

  • Review and overhaul of compulsory, complementary or supplementary social insurance schemes
  • Review of social insurance schemes in the frame of international relocation (secondment, expatriation)
  • Assistance and representation during controls, friendly settlements or court proceedings with the Social Insurance, retirement and AD&D bodies (URSSAF, CRAM) 


Taking or representing proceedings for the company during individual or collective litigation issues in the area of employment law or social insurance law

  • Representation before the labor courts: Industrial Tribunal litigations, litigation in connection with incapacity for work, acknowledgement of the occupational nature of an injury or an illness, litigation in connection with URSSAF or RSI assessments.. ;​
  • Representation before the civil and criminal courts for all types of labor-related litigation: litigation regarding the election or appointment of a staff representative or the running of staff representative bodies or litigation to incriminate the employer and incur the latter’s criminal liability

building and handling on-going training courses and legal watches

  • Training seminars
  • Legal watches; letter of information, alerts on developments in the area of Collective Bargaining Agreement provisions applicable to the company