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Contracts & regulations

The contracts department provides assistance in the negotiation and formation of all types of contract and on all issues relevant to the application of French, European and International economic regulations.

  • Lease agreements: commercial and civil leases, business leasing-management and all types of lease.
  • Competition law: abuse of dominant position, economic adjunct, collusion 
  • Distribution law: dealerships, franchise, commercial agency
  • Consumer law: canvassing, on-line shopping and teleshopping, fraud in the inducement, misleading advertising
  • Commercial partnerships: regulation of sub-contracting agreements, company groupings, provision of services 
  • Commercial practices: discriminatory practices, regulation of prices and sales conditions, compulsory markings on commercial documents and invoices
  • Intellectual property 
    - Industrial property: drafting of assignment agreements or patent, trademark and domain name licenses
    ​- Copyright : regulation of copyright, drafting of contracts
    - Computer law: protection of software and data, IT contracts, protection of nominal data, the information and liberties Act, Internet law
  • Alternative dispute resolution: conciliation, mediation, settlements
  • Arbitration procedures

Lawyers specialized in Contracts & regulations