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Company law

The corporate law department caters to businesses at the various stages of formation, acquisition, development and sale.

Formation and legal monitoring of businesses

  • Assisting the company founder in setting up a project
  • Formation of all types of civil and commercial businesses, associations and foundations​
  • Legal monitoring: legal administrative work, completion of tax and corporate formalities​
  • Drafting of organization charts, company restructurings​
  • Organization of company groups (formation of holdings, formation of subsidiaries, optimization of intragroup flows)​
  • Optimization of the flow of Directors’ Compensation and benefits



  • Management of relations amongst partners, formation of all types of shareholder agreements
  • Issuing of various types of securities (preference shares, securities with a put or call attached, bonds, etc) 
  • Acquisition of a stake (capital investment, venture capital, etc)


Company acquisition/sale

  • Handling of confidentiality, setting up a data room
  • Due diligence audits, compliance audits
  • Drafting of the letter of intent and the sale agreement
  • Optimization of takeovers
  • Mergers, acquisitions, takeovers, transfer of assets, LBO’s
  • Acquisition and sale of businesses, leases
  • Setting up a Joint-Venture
  • Takeover of assets in insolvency proceedings