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Le Cabinet d'avocats REQUET CHABANEL

Since its inception in 1932, REQUET CHABANEL has acquired a solid reputation in the area of corporate law.

The firm boasts a team of specialized legal practitioners and is principally dedicated to the field of corporate law. It caters to the needs of an array of clients such as industrial and commercial enterprises, the liberal professions and private individuals and offers tailored legal assistance and consultancy in the areas of corporate law, tax law, labor law, employment law and contractual relations.

The firm provides a comprehensive service to its clients, handling operations at the various stages of conception, negotiation and organization whilst performing exceptional transactions and ensuring follow-up of daily tax and social and employment law issues.

The firm can resource the high quality specialist knowledge of its teams at short notice and handle all forms of audits and other corporate organisation missions requiring a broad spectrum of skills.

REQUET CHABANEL equally takes or defends proceedings before the various courts and tribunals in the frame of tax or labour litigations and equally intervenes in dispute resolution procedures such as arbitration.
The firm regularly provides training in its practice areas during induction seminars and conventions.